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How does he convince them? A female torso, with all but the relevant parts amputated.

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For some, like Pawar, it's the money. The other two are commerce and science students from city colleges. News Selected news stories from the international press relating to Asian In Fertilities:

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Right now, because of the summer vacation, there aren't too many students. Yet the defining irony some would call it hypocrisy of the sperm banking industry is that women and men who would typically react to the very idea of onanism with a 'cheee!! The tag on the door is more prosaic, and only says 'donor room'. Once the colleges start, I'll get more donors.

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So what happens if, say, a couple from Bandra use sperm from donor X, and another couple from Chinchpokli also use a sample from donor X, and the Bandra couple have a son B, and the Chinchpokli couple have a daughter C, and B and C meet in college, and fall in love and get married and have kids? In which case, Pawar, theoretically, can indeed father 75 children; that too from 75 different women -- a prospect that rivals Genghis Khan's achievement in the seed-dispersal department. Right now, because of the summer vacation, there aren't too many students.

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