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Denial keeps sex addicts out of touch with the process, costs, and reality of their addiction. Porn addicts often couple their porn use with compulsive masturbation and other compulsive sexual behaviors, such as webcam sex, sexting, anonymous sex, casual sex, affairs, prostitution, exhibitionism, voyeurism, etc.

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Understanding Porn Addiction Porn addiction occurs when an individual loses control over whether he or she views pornography, the amount of time he or she spends with pornography, and the types of pornography that he or she uses. In addition to the above, additional signs and symptoms may also be present such as: In addition, treatment focuses on restoring intimacy and emotional connection with those you care about the most. Escalation from non-interactive imagery to interactive sexual encounters.

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If you identify with these three criteria, it's likely that you are compulsively engaging in one or more of the following behaviors:. With sexual addiction, withdrawal tends to manifest not so much physically, as often occurs with substance abuse i. Often, they externalize blame for the consequences of their sexual acting out. Escalating amounts of time spent on porn use.

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Many porn addicts devote double or even triple that amount of time to their addiction. Sex addiction is a behavioral addiction focused on sex.

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