When spaceships explode

Most American space programs in recent years have been privatized, and now, the sometimes slow bureaucracy, making stupid things like launching the Shuttle Challenger in very cold weather, when the sealing rings holders solid propellant booster unflexible, corporations aim to make a lot of money.

Last week’s rocket explosion Antares (Tuesday) and “space Spike 2” by “Virgin Galactic” (on Friday) were disasters and, considering the death of one pilot “space Spike” and serious injury of the second, tragedies.

The role of greed here?

Bruce Gagnon, coordinator of the “Global network against the militarisation and nuclear power in space,” said:

“With the privatization of space launch services, the pressure to “cut corners” and save money will be enormous. The idea of launching ships with gullible tourists on Board ships, developed primarily for profit, and least for security – it is scary.”

Moreover, says Gagnon: “the Plan Elon musk to move our civilization to Mars rockets, built partly on the taxpayers’ money, is the first step in the competitive race of corporations to capture other planets to extract resources. Now lawyers from the space industry are trying to rewrite the UN treaties on outer space and the moon, stating that neither otdelnye, no Corporation and no country may claim ownership of celestial bodies. We are ready to bear the bad seed of greed, environmental destruction and war with them into space. It is time the citizens of countries around the world to understand that a new space race is already on the threshold”.

We can assume that a contract with NASA to 1.9 billion dollars to build missiles to fly to the International space station, “Orbital Sciences Corp” will be very careful approach to the transport industry, which it used for performing their tasks.

Instead, the rocket “Antares” was equipped with Soviet engines the 1960-ies. Texas company out of Dallas found them on the sale of rocket engines?

Elon Musk, the man behind electric cars “Tesla” Director and main competitor of the “Orbital” company “SpaceX” (which has a NASA contract for 1.6 billion dollars for transportation to the ISS), in 2012-m year, told Wired that the technology a decade was “pretty silly idea, from those that occur in the market.” Some aerospace companies, according to the Mask, rely on components “designed in the 1960s” rather than “better technology”. Regarding the “Orbital Sciences”, he noted that she “has a contract to resupply the ISS, and their rocket honestly similar to the end of the joke”.

“They are using Russian rocket engines developed in the 60-ies. I don’t want to say that their design is from the 60s, I mean that they started with the engines literally made in the 60s and seems to have been Packed somewhere in Siberia,” said Musk.

From McDowell Smithsonian center for astrophysics told National Public Radio that the engines were “really were made in Russia about 40 years ago, and was stored in plastic containers after their moon program was terminated.”

At the beginning of the week there’s an echo of the slander on Soviet equipment following the Chernobyl disaster, and, of course, the words of that technique on the North – much better. Then there was the explosion “the Old Spike 2” by “Virgin Galactic”. And he was of American manufacture, as the equipment for the nuclear power plant production “General electric” in following the Chernobyl accident the accident at the “Fukushima Daiichi” in Japan.

The newspaper “new York times” at the end of his article about the disaster “space Spike 2” raises the question of whether had there been a sufficient number of test flights. She quoted Marcos Caceras, head of space research of the consulting firm “Teal Group”, that “in the days when flying these spaceships are very expensive and there are pressures to minimise the number of such test flights”. Caseras continues:

“Everyone seems to need more money to conduct more test flights, so to push in order to start operational flights too soon. Maybe on our part here is not reasonable.”

It is unwise, of course, but given the pursuit of the Almighty dollar, is expected.

The man behind the “Virgin Galactic,” sir Richard Branson, famous for other achievements “Virgin”, this spring was looking for passengers for walking on “space Spike 2”. About 800 people, including such celebrities as Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber, have signed up for tickets that cost 250 thousand dollars on a suborbital voyage.

In June, the British business magazine “Economist” published an article under the headline “Space: the next frontier of innovation”. It was mainly about the massive recent growth in the number of small aerospace companies-satellites, so-called “nanosats” (“nanosatellite”), and the subtitle of the article read:

“When “nanosat” fearlessly goes forward, it will be followed by the business, if they are not strangled by excessive regulation”.

Will I have to deal with the “nanawatai,” plowing expanses of space, or with other aerospace activities, space operations much more risky, released the operation of the heavens is in such contradiction with international agreements, which for decades, can’t see a rampant rise of recoverable profits.

And here is a new attempt to pump money, despite the noble and far-sighted Treaty on principles governing the activities of States in the exploration and use of outer space of 1967 and the subsequent Treaty on activities of States on the moon and other celestial bodies. The following year a company called “Moon Express” (“Lunar Express”), as reported on its web site, will send your spaceship MX-1, to begin “to discover the secrets and the natural resources of the moon. Our first mission is for technology demonstration, scheduled for 2015, will be the first in an upcoming series of lunar missions, pursuing scientific, research and commercial objectives”.

As reported by Fox News in its reporting on this project:

“Moon Express” is only one of the many private firms who are planning lunar missions” and “no area of activity has grown larger than moon. For example, the company “Astrobiotic Technology” is also planning the extraction of minerals on the moon. And the company “Bigelow Aerospace” wants to sell the rights to lunar areas.”

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