Scientists have found caves in the comet

Inside the comet Churyumov — Gerasimenko there are no large voids. The mission of “Rosetta” the European space Agency made measurements that clearly demonstrated and solved the old mystery. Spacecraft have visited a total of eight comets, and through these missions we pulled a picture of the basic properties of these space-time capsules. On some questions the answers were found, others appeared.

The primary matter of the Solar system was extremely loose and porous. This conclusion was made by scientists as a result of studies of the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

On present estimates of astronomers, the mass of the comet is about ten billion tons, which is twenty million times the mass of the largest man-made space object – ISS. Despite its impressiveness, the indicator for an object like comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko, is considered to be small. The reason lies in the extraordinary porosity of the comet – about 70-80% of its volume are voids. Its density can be compared with the density of cork, wood, or aerogel.

In this regard, scientists have a question about the distribution of these voids: uniform or concentrated, in large caves or the network of large voids. Continue reading

Space tourists have started to refuse tickets

The group of experts of the Federal office of civil aviation USA together with British billionaire Richard Branson visited the site of the crash suborbital spacecraft SpaceShipTwo in the Mojave desert (us state of California). Ship SpaceShipTwo, owned by Branson’s Virgin Galactic, crashed Friday, October 31, during a test firing. Barely separated from the carrier aircraft “White Knight 2” and inserting its own rocket engine, the ship broke up in the air. One of the pilots was 39-year-old Michael Alberi — died. Another, who had to eject, was hospitalized with serious injuries.

According to experts, the investigation can take from several weeks to a year. Initially it was assumed that there was an explosion of fuel. However, investigators found at the crash site of the ship whole engines and fuel tanks, which eliminates the chance of explosion. According to experts, it is too early, the system, slowing down the movement of the ship before boarding. This could lead to the fact that it literally ripped into pieces.

This is not the first incident connected with the development of the suborbital vehicle, which culminated in the death of people. In 2007 during testing it blew the engine for SpaceShipTwo. Then three persons were lost. Continue reading

Solar system

Move around the Sun nine major planets in the following order starting from Sun: mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. All these planets revolve around the Sun in one direction, called direct. Orbits of major planets are ellipses that are very close to circles, and the planes of their orbits inclined to the Ecliptic at a small angle. The mass of all the planets together make up only with 0.0013(3) the mass of the Sun. In addition to these major planets, mainly between Mars and Jupiter, is moving a large number of smaller bodies called minor planets, or asteroids. The number of known small planets as a result of new discoveries is constantly growing and currently there are more than 1600.

Planets of the solar system in size sharply divided into two groups. To the first group belong to relatively small planets closest to the Sun: mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars. This group is often referred to as group Land. To the second group belong the large planets of the solar system. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. This group is called the group of Jupiter. Continue reading

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