The planets and the Sefirot

However, let’s look at the planets in order. As expected the Jews, let’s start from the end. and we will see that in the end contains the beginning (all as taught to us by “Sepher Yetzirah” ).

Pluto is the last (as it is known today) planet in the Solar system. It corresponds to the Sefira da’at – Awareness. Because, as I said, the Sefira that has two categories, the Pluton must have a pair.

If the Volcano as the second incarnation of Pluto you are not satisfied with (still hypothetical planet), to illustrate the provisions of Kabbalah to offer the well-known astronomical fact that Pluto is a double planet. Pluto has a satellite, which only slightly exceeds in size (this satellite is called Charon, not to be confused with the asteroid Chiron, which we’ll talk). Another more famous example of a double-planet pair of Earth-Moon.

The planets Neptune and Uranus correspond to the upper Hochma (Wisdom) and Bina (Analysis).

To illustrate this situation, refer to medical astrology. The position of Neptune in the Zodiac signs tells about the General condition of the organism (strong immunity, weak etc.). This corresponds to Hochma describes “potential”, that’s why in the book “Tania”, the word “Chochma” is interpreted as “actual AI”, “power point”.

The position of Uranus in the constellation determines the condition of the internal organs, mainly kidneys (nedremskaya in prayer: “a memorial to Bohan Kliot”, “the l-rd tests the kidney” (referring, of course, no real buds, and inner urge of man). If we talk about medical astrology, the position of Pluto typically signifies the presence (or absence) of tumors in the body.

And, as I said, the three outer planets, not visible from Earth with the naked eye, correspond to the three “internal”, invisible upper.

We now turn to the planets closer and more understandable.

The furthest of the visible planets is Saturn (his Hebrew name is Shabtai ). Saturn serves as a border between the visible world and the invisible, so we can put him in the Sefira of Yesod (it serves as a border between the spiritual and the material world). Yesod Sefira corresponds to the name of g-d “shad-Dai”. This name is often expressed with only one letter “Shin” (its written on the boxes mezuzot) is the same letter that starts the name “Shabtai”.

The word “Shabtai” linked to the concept of “Sabbath.” and “Suite” suspension (because Saturn is the slowest apparent motion across the sky). Shabbat also corresponds to the Sefira Malchut . so sometimes we can meet a match “Saturn – Malchut”. However, to avoid confusion, let’s agree – in our conversation always, except where otherwise indicated, Saturn will correspond to the Sefira of Yesod.

The furthest of the visible planets is Saturn in Hebrew Shabtai. Saturn is the boundary between the visible world and the invisible. The word “Shabtai” linked to the concept of “Sabbath.”

Jupiter (his Hebrew name – Tzedek ) is the largest planet in the Solar system and is almost the brightest object of the sky. It is only right that he delivered in compliance with the Sefira of Hesed – Mercy.

Mars corresponds to the Sefira Gevura, Severity . Those who have read my article “the Apple of Kabbalah” of correspondences, must remember that Gevura corresponds to the color red (no wonder Mars called the “red planet”). Rashi says that Mars controls the “sword” (war) and blood. Mars has a specific Jewish name – “Naadim” (external, invisible from the Earth planet Jewish names do not have). Please note that the name “Moadim” means “dark red”. It can mean that Mars is not only refers to the Sefira of Gevura – Severity, but affects the events, turning them into the color of strictness and severity. Mars has 2 satellites that are visible from Earth even in low magnification (the moons of Mars Phobos – “Fear” Deimos – “the Horror” play an important role in astrology and astronomy says that once Mars was the third satellite – the Terror – but it collapsed under the action of tidal forces).

The sun corresponds to the Sefira Tifferet . The splendor, Harmony, because it is round the Sun all the planets of the system. This fact was already known to the ancient Jews, moreover, they knew about the sphericity of the Earth (the Zohar says, referring to the book of Adam HaRishon!).

Venus is the Hebrew name of the Foot (with the accent on the first syllable) which means “Radiance”. Venus corresponds to the Sefira Netzah – Eternity, Victory. By the way, if you in European astrology Venus is the planet “female” (passive, accepting influence), Jewish astrology Venus is the planet of “male” and active.

Mercury the Jews is called kokhav . what do you mean “Star”. He corresponds to the Sefira Hod . Lights and its properties is a planet “hermaphroditically” – that is, can be passive and active.

And finally, our mother Earth corresponds to the Sefira Malchut . The Kingdom.

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