The next stage of the selection of volunteers for Mars mission

52 the Russian claim to a place in the team of Mars explorers. Ended the next stage of the selection of volunteers for the flight to the red planet. What the winners will receive the ticket one way, not confused by the hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

To found a new civilization from scratch wanted people from all around the world. Our correspondent Elena Gorshenina met with some of them and asked what they had fled in the Land, and what I want to do on Mars:

Deconflict, intelligent, with sense of humour – with such personal qualities Anastasia Barkhatova became the vanguard of humanity. A letter of selection as an astronaut, she received 1 January – as a Christmas gift. Now a graduate student in Microbiology prepares for Mars mission: hone your skills at the station of blood transfusion. Anastasia hopes: that she can win a ticket to Mars at one end.

Anastasia Barkhatova: “For such a task do not mind and life to assume the same for the benefit of mankind. Such a global mission, that fear is just silly”.

“Mars-1” is the most ambitious international project. Its goal was the colonization of the red planet. In etomgodu 24 will select future astronauts. And then, say the organizers, will not have time to yawn: in 2016 to Mars sent the first equipment and solar panels, in 2018 will land the Mars Rover in 2021 – will put residential blocks, and in September 2022 starts the first ship with four humans on Board. And this is no joke. The project is supported by Nobel laureate in physics Gerard Hearthom.

In the competition for astronaut involved nearly 200 thousand people from all over the world. But all have been selected 1058 people, and now they are waiting for the ordeal. Julia Yaglova, once among the candidates, urgently changing profession: from the economy it goes to the IT sector, need to be on the ship. On Mars she would like to write music: terrestrial species not inspire.

Julia Yaglova: “There will be time to do all what was missing on Earth. There is no need to go to work, go shopping”.

The creators of the project believe: there will definitely be not to the music. The first colonists must study the planet and prepare the conditions for future resettlement of the Land. Her humanity will soon become intimately.

However, the project for the colonization of Mars too many experts called daring and even crazy. While mankind has no technology, no ideas how to realize this dream. Over it brooded even with Tsiolkovsky and Korolev, and the deadlock had still not moved.

And yet to achieve the dreams of humanity decided to chip in. In the accounts of the project are already hundreds of thousands of dollars. Landing on Mars is announced for spring 2023. Four astronauts have to take the first steps on the red planet. Their training will go live. And perhaps their mission are not met, the ratings of this show will be high.

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