The history of cosmonautics

K. E. Tsiolkovsky

The history of space exploration. The history of cosmonautics is a fascinating story of true events with true actors. To find their wings to conquer space and time, to penetrate the secrets of the microcosm and the infinite Universe remained the cherished dream of man in all ages. We had a difficult task to grasp the immensity. Therefore, in our creative work, we have confined the study of the development of cosmonautics in Russia.

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Flying in space

a summary of other presentations about flying into space

“Journey into space” – project Participants. What is the space? The journey into space. Methods of achievement: stage 2. The development of intellectual-cognitive and aesthetic competence of children. The content of the project: stage 3. The participants of the project: Development of creative potential and formation evaluation subjective relationship to reality.

“The problem of space exploration” – the world of space exploration. Space is a global environment, the common heritage of mankind. Scientists forced to think of the appearance of ozone holes. Therefore, the exploration of space has become one of the most important international, global problems. Cosmicacceleration is not under the jurisdiction of any state.

“Man, the Earth and space” – space. At start-up and descent of rockets, astronauts sleep in special “Bed”. Clothing astronaut – suit. How are the astronauts in the rocket? Precise weather forecast. A monument to the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Key features of the cosmos. For training the astronauts used a spinning centrifuge.

“Space life” – the Work done by the Student of 2 class “A” state budgetary EDUCATIONAL institution gymnasium №1597 Akishina Victoria. Space pioneers, LAIKA. The first Soviet cosmonauts. Our Universe Is. The PROJECT “Space world or Life in space”. Solar system. Baikonur, Kazakhstan. Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin. Belka and Strelka. The first man on the moon.

“Exploration of space” – the Road to space has opened our Motherland. “We’ll fly up to the Sun…”. 12 April 1961 – a unique day in the history of mankind. Flight from the Earth orbit to Mars orbit will take 2-2. 5 years. GAGARIN Yuri Alekseyevich. In the vastness of the Universe. Space tourism. Hotels of the future: sleeping in space. Category grades 7-9 No. 11f21 secondary school №13 of the city of Yaroslavl.

“The conquest of space” – We are proud of the achievements of our country in space exploration! Flew on 16 June 1963 the EVAs. The conquest of space. Yuri Gagarin – the first cosmonaut in the world. Fly like birds! Alexander Fedorovich Mozhayskiy built the first airplane in 1882. Valentina Tereshkova first woman in space.

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