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Planets of the Solar system.


The largest planet in the Solar system. Jupiter is 11 times bigger than Earth (its diameter is 142 740 km), and its mass is nearly 318 times greater than earth’s.

Jupiter is the fastest planet in the Solar system which turns around its axis in only 9 hours and 50 min. One revolution around the Sun makes Jupiter 11 years 315 days. The average distance from the Sun to Jupiter is approximately 778 million km. the Average density of Jupiter is only 1.3 times the density of water and 5 times less than the density of the Earth. A clearly defined border between the upper rarefied atmosphere and relatively solid surface on Jupiter does not exist.

Notable formation in the atmosphere of Jupiter, known as the Great red spot, is a steady atmospheric vortex, but permanent red spots still finds a satisfactory explanation.

Jupiter is surrounded by thin rings. Today there are 16 satellites of Jupiter. Here are their names in order of distance from Jupiter: Metis, Adrastea, Almathea, Teba, IO, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Leda, Himalia, Lysithea, ELARA, Ananke, Carme, Pasiphae, Sinop. Ganymede is the largest of all known satellites of the Solar system (its diameter 5 260 km), which is bigger than the planet mercury.

In mythology Jupiter (Zeus) is not God, creating the Universe, and God is the organizer of the Universe. He is the guardian of order, the Creator of society,social laws and institutions. Zeus, as Supreme God, symbolized the idea of spiritual and mental essence of man. All the myths about Jupiter (Zeus) and his fight with the Titans and giants represented the views of the ancients on how slowly the order, moral law, life wins out over natural forces. Jupiter, as ruler of gods and mortals, and she represented the link connecting humanity, was the guardian of treaties and oaths, protector of the poor, beggars and all those who had no other shelter but the sky.

Since Jupiter represented the vault of heaven, the Greeks all temples, dedicated to the main God were without roofs – they believed that in the closed place that God cannot see them. The main attributes of Zeus – lightning with thunder. Ancient people could not imagine a more terrible force than the thunder and lightning. It is interesting that recently the expedition of the American automatic station “Voyager” found that between Jupiter and its closest moon IO is constantly undergoing a powerful lightning discharges. This kind of giant generator its electromagnetic field affects the Earth’s atmosphere. Zeus was head of Olympus and honor him (Jupiter Olympic) festival established in Olympia in Elis, known as the Olympic games. At this time, supposed to stop all the wars and people of all tribes must be at the festival.

In astrology Jupiter symbolizes wisdom and the law, morality, and ideology, authority and worldview, mentoring and teaching, religion, social status and aspirations.

In the zodiac Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius authoritative and mysterious Fish. Jupiter day – Thursday. Number – 5. Metal – tin, zinc. Taste – sour. The stone is turquoise. Color – purple.

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