Space tourists refuse to fly on Virgin Galacti

Until recently, tickets for suborbital flights were quite popular. This pastime a lot of people like, especially those who are finances allow. Slowly flights to orbit become a matter of everyday event and become more accessible, such as car rental.

But after the accident – the collapse of the spacecraft SpaceShipTwo, some customers wished to return the tickets they have purchased from the company Virgin Galactic, to make such trips into space. On this news became known from the pages of the British newspaper The Telegraph, which published an interview with the Executive Director of the company George Whatsitsname.

The total number of passengers who did not want to fly into space 24. Each of them returned to 250 thousand dollars is the full price of the event. For the head of Virgin Galactic, this event was not unexpected. He understands that clients are afraid for their lives. But not all refused, 97 percent of customers want to fly. Also from the message of The Telegraph it became known that this is the first case of refusal from this event – the project has been running for about 10 years. The total number of orbital travellers about 800 people. These people are waiting to fly on a suborbital vehicle. Then there are celebrities – fiiction Hawking, actress Angelina Jolie, singer Lady Gaga.

Suborbital spacecraft SpaceShipTwo crashed during a test flight at the end of October of the current year. It happened over the Mojave desert, which is located in the state of California. By the way, one pilot was able to use the catapult. As a result, he received very severe injuries. The second pilot was killed. The founder of Virgin Galactic has promised to deal with the causes that led to the accident SpaceShipTwo. And he is confident that the program will be continued. On the agenda suborbital flights into space for tourists, as well as launches of small satellites. Before the tragic accident over California planned to produce flying with the tourists in 2015.

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