Space tourists have started to refuse tickets

The group of experts of the Federal office of civil aviation USA together with British billionaire Richard Branson visited the site of the crash suborbital spacecraft SpaceShipTwo in the Mojave desert (us state of California). Ship SpaceShipTwo, owned by Branson’s Virgin Galactic, crashed Friday, October 31, during a test firing. Barely separated from the carrier aircraft “White Knight 2” and inserting its own rocket engine, the ship broke up in the air. One of the pilots was 39-year-old Michael Alberi — died. Another, who had to eject, was hospitalized with serious injuries.

According to experts, the investigation can take from several weeks to a year. Initially it was assumed that there was an explosion of fuel. However, investigators found at the crash site of the ship whole engines and fuel tanks, which eliminates the chance of explosion. According to experts, it is too early, the system, slowing down the movement of the ship before boarding. This could lead to the fact that it literally ripped into pieces.

This is not the first incident connected with the development of the suborbital vehicle, which culminated in the death of people. In 2007 during testing it blew the engine for SpaceShipTwo. Then three persons were lost.

Sir Richard Branson intends to look into presinapticescoy, but is not going to abandon the project. “A huge number of people around the world would like to dream continued to live, — he told journalists. We owe it to our pilots”.

As you know, Virgin Galactic is going to organize tourist space flights — suborbital at first, and then launches into orbit. It was assumed that the cost of the two-hour journey, during which tourists can experience weightlessness and admire the Earth from a height of 100 kilometers, will be about 250 thousand dollars. Tickets for the next flights have already bought or booked nearly 800 people, including movie stars Tom Hanks, Ashton Kutcher, Angelina Jolie, brad pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Lady Gaga and other celebrities.

The first commercial flight was planned in the spring of 2015. It was going to take part himself and Branson. But now the future of the project came into question. According to some reports, customers began to abandon plans to climb to space. So, according to the English newspaper “daily mail”, already made by the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Beatrice, who previously was enthusiastic about the idea of space tourism. Virgin Galactic claims that have not yet received official rejections from customers. However, some media outlets predict the brainchild of Branson bankruptcy.

In USA this is the second in four days space accident: on 28 October a rocket “Antares” with a cargo ship “signus”, which was supposed to deliver over two and a half tons of cargo to the International space station exploded right after launch at the wallops flight facility. Developer and operator “Antares” and “Cygnus” is a private company Orbital Sciences Corporation.

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