Space tourists circled the moon in 2018

The company “space adventures” (Space Adventures) in 2018 is going to send two space tourists circled the moon on the Russian spacecraft “Soyuz”, according to “Interfax-Kazakhstan” with reference to the company.

“Using already-proven flight of space ships, we will send two individuals and one professional astronaut around the side of the moon. They will be held in 100 kilometers from the moon’s surface. We expect that our first mission will take place in 2018”, – stated in the message.

According to the details of the mission, the first space tourists will start on the Soyuz spacecraft will dock with the International space station (ISS), which will adapt to space flight conditions for 10 days. At this time the Earth will launch the lunar module that consists of orbital module and propulsion systems. After that tourist “Soyuz” will uncouple from the ISS and dock with the lunar module. Over the moon tour will take six days.

The cost of flight not specified. In the representation of company Space Adventures in Russia, “Interfax-AVN” failed to get comments on this issue.

In June holding then a post of the President and General designer of rocket-space Corporation “Energy” Vitaly Lopota said “Interfax-AVN” that the Corporation is able to provide around the moon on Board the spaceship”the Union” in the coming years.

“We carefully work with our partners from Space Adventures. We consider the possibility of cooperation with them, and we are able to do: to fly around the moon in 2017-2018, “the Union”. Technically it is possible”, – said Lopota.

Start of spacecraft “Union” is possible in 2017 or 2018. To pilot the ship needs a professional Russian cosmonaut. Price for one place on the ship – $ 150 million.

In the Russian Federal space Agency in response to that said that have nothing to do with selling tickets for the lunar flyby using Soyuz spacecraft. “Roscosmos such programs does not develop. It is the initiative of private companies and corporations,” – said “Interfax-AVN” Deputy head of Roscosmos Denis Lyskov.

Marketing services for the organization of flights of space tourists on Russian Soyuz spacecraft to the International space station by the company “space adventures” (Space Adventures).

4 October 2015 to 10-day flight to the ISS will go the British singer Sarah Brightman. Start her pre-flight training at the cosmonaut training Centre appointed on 12 January 2015. It is expected that the company Brightman in flight will be Russian cosmonaut Sergei Volkov and ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen.

The first space tourist was an American Dennis Tito, who went into space in 2001. Following him to the sensation of weightlessness was joined by South African mark Shuttleworth (2002). In 2005 went into orbit, American Gregory Olsen, and in 2006 – the first female tourist, an American of Iranian origin Anoushe Ansari. Each of them paid per flight of about $ 20 million. As the tourist was an American of Hungarian origin Charles Simoni.

In October 2008, the station flew the sixth space tourist Richard Garriott is the son of us astronaut Owen Garriott. For the realization of a childhood dream he paid $ 30 million, earned in the creation of computer games. After returning from space millionaire scored the games development. In March 2009 Simoni repeated space travel. He became the first tourist to go into space twice.

The seventh space tourist was guy Laliberte, canadian billionaire owner of Cirque Du Soleil. He made a space flight in late 2009. The price for the last flight for space tourists exceeded 50 million.

Recently, NASA has signed a deal with Roscosmos agreement on flights of foreign astronauts to the ISS on Russian Soyuz. Every place has cost NASA $ 76 million.

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