Space tourist from Russia

In the media appeared information that Filaret Galchev held a pre-flight.

Replace British singer Sarah Brightman to orbit can a Russian businessman, one of the richest people in the country, the owner of a large cement holding Filaret Galchev. Reportedly, a candidate for space tourists already undergoing the relevant tests.

If the information is confirmed and Galchev really will be sent to ISS, it will be the first Russian space tourist in history. On this occasion, the TV channel “360 suburbs” remember those who created the history of space tourism.

The first space tourist was not a man, and the dog of Sib – replacement of the missing Kidney. In 1951, this pooch was caught in soldiers ‘ canteen, and put to flight the capsule. The fact that one of the trained dogs before the takeoff and escaped the lab, fearing the wrath of his superiors, sent into space and Ziba. Only after the safe return of the dog to the Ground about the switch told the chief in the USSR “space engineer” Sergey Korolev. When the Queen became aware of the substitution, he said: “Yes on our ships in space soon to budotitane vouchers to rest.”

Now the Queen of predictions coming true. After Ziba in orbit have been seven space tourists, now from among the people. The first 14 years ago was an American Dennis Tito.

Now a trip into space costs about $ 50 million. But for the opportunity to see the Earth from the stars many are willing to sacrifice all that they have.

In space have been citizens of the USA, the UK, South Africa and Canada. And yet not a single Russian. About the main characters space tourist here.

The eighth space tourist was to become the English singer Sarah Brightman. But three months before the flight she passed the ticket to Orbit. His refusal she explained the family circumstances.

A few years ago the Russian space Agency has turned tourism programme, as the Americans began to have problems with shuttles Shuttle buses. And NASA astronauts began to carry to the ISS onboard our ships. But the contract with the Americans ends. Now Roscosmos can compensate these losses at the expense of tourists. To do this, to deliver travelers into Orbit have on a regular basis. There is nothing supernatural. Earlier in an interview with TV channel “360 suburbs” Director research and analysis center of the United rocket and space Corporation Dmitry Paison called space tourism “a historical inevitability”.

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