Space tourism is a reality today

At the dawn of space development, it wouldn’t occur to me that space travel can bring profit. The years passed, the industry began to flourish. Now a trip into space can afford not only the astronauts but also the wealthy residents of the planet.

There is a new type of tourism that can benefit everyone for the sake of entertainment, or conducting scientific experiments. The surveys conducted among the population, said the desire to conduct a flight into space. And since demand creates supply, the industry is sure to face a rapid development.

While in space you can only visit on the International space station. The flights are operated on the Russian ships of the line “Union”. The trainings are held at Star city in Moscow region – on special simulators through flights simulating weightlessness aircraft.

The cost of the flight varies from 20 to 35 million USD, which is not confused by wanting. The number of people eager to see the Blue planet from low-earth orbit is increasing with each passing day. Have it on hand throughout the space industry, because of the expense of the money sponsored the flights of the Russian cosmonauts. At its core, tourism is tourism and space he or earth. If people want to get new and the experience and can afford it – may flies, – say the organizers of the flight Roscosmos and Space Adventures.

A market study confirmed that space tourism to buyresults. Potential service users are ready to spend a quarter of their annual income on this type of holiday. But they are not aware of what awaits them, what difficulties will be faced, and the information comes to them in a distorted form. How can one know what will happen there, if possible from the entertainment he offered flights in weightlessness and the view from the window to the Ground?

Space tourism does not end with the visit to the ISS. Some companies offer to see the planet from a height of several tens of kilometers as a passenger jet. Preparing the project, in the course of which the non-professional astronauts will be able to fly around the moon.

Astronauts with experience are confident that Commerce will replace scientific interest, and would become the main lever that lifts into the sky for space ships. The future generation will grow with implemented the desire to conquer Mars, the moon and other sights of the Universe.

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