Space tourism — “Go!”

Ever since then, when the first man left the Earth (and more importantly, successfully got back there) managed a space ship (if someone does not know, this was in 1961), people around the world believe in his imminent future happy in all the visible universe long predicted by science fiction writers: “Yes, with the current rate of technological progress here is just a little magician, the scientists, and we instead of Turkey and Egypt for the weekend to fly to Mars and Saturn!”. And still have been right. Almost.

Of course, before the mass of schoolchildren on tours of the milky way matter has not yet reached, but a single much well-off citizens with great pleasure leave the limits of the Earth, and then talk about how they are there was interesting. God willing, someday we all be vouchsafed, therefore, examine the issue more closely.

Who? Where? How much?

If you have lying around in the cupboard a couple of tens of millions of dollars, then you are in principle nothing to worry about — today can call “Roscosmos” or Space Adventures and sign up for space trips — or rather, for a flight on the Russian spaceship “Soyuz” to the International space station (ISS). And you are a lucky poputninskoe to the standard crew. On the ship you will be kept a week or two after a full examination and thorough preparation (which, incidentally, is from 6 to 9 months) in Star city or the NASA. Since 2001, eight people privately already taken advantage of this opportunity and was very happy (one even flew twice).

Swim in weightlessness, to admire the views from the window, accuraate of cosmoperine from tubes, try the local gym, learn how in space go to the bathroom… If you are a scientist, you can even schedule a few experiments in zero gravity — even when the chance comes along. For an extra $ 15 million you and out into space for a bit will release. Of course, under supervision. If you still want to take off for a day to the moon, then you look across the Solar system. So far, however, nobody dared. Study space map, I guess.

There for two days (despite the fact that from the Earth to the ISS only 370 km), back in 3.5 hours plus ten days at the station — and can proudly be called a space tourist!

In space you are not allowed to carry practically nothing personal: any item that you want to take with you to the station, saying it was a necessity (for example, a Photo of the beloved grandmother for meditation before bedtime) will have to be endorsed by the serious people. But back you can buy as a souvenir like a tube of cosmorom, so your Photos and videos “out there”, which by law will be exclusive in your property. Want quietly nostalgija-at-home, want — rasprodaja exclusive!


But not only one alive ISS space tourist. In the future waiting for him, and other sorts of extraterrestrial entertainment.

For example, suborbital flights. That is, in space on the aircraft you will go (the space is anything above 100 km) and a couple of hours to fly there. In orbit will be able to experience several minutes of weightlessness, and when going up and down — quite a decent overload. Such a pleasure will cost approximately $ 200 thousand. Such developments in the world have been grappling with several private agencies. Thus, the American company Virgin Galactic with 2012 already selling tickets to individuals on a jet plane SpaceShipOne (first developed at private expense). Initially was going to travel British billionaire family planning a flight in December 2013. And over the next two years, the Agency promises to make space tourists still 600 people, including those already standing in line the world’s movie stars and singers.

The company Space Adventures wants to send tourists into suborbital hour Autonomous flight ustyanivka module and the booster Armadillo. The project sub-orbital flights in the near future also plan to implement the European company EADS, Intel, and the Union of Russian companies (project Aerospace Rally System). The latter, incidentally, promise record low prices in the region of $ 60 thousand. And the enterprising Japanese in the near future intend to offer such an exclusive service like a wedding in weightlessness on Board the space ship just 25 million $.

In the not so distant future tourist overflights of the moon (a joint project of the same Space Adventures and the Russian company “Energy”). It is expected to fly on Soyuz in 2015, and the cost of the first overflights of the satellite is scheduled at around 100 million $. The journey will take several days. “Stare” on the moon as a tourist site and their competitors is a British company Excalibur Almaz, and Constellation Services International project with the Express Lunar Space Transportation System.

About private spaceports, space hotels and malls while in orbit will not speak, it is not the next decades, although their development and the projects multiply like mushrooms after the rain.

Near tourism

If you are not yet a millionaire, but to join the infinity of the Universe still want to, can at first to engage in alternative “a near tourism” — will be a good preparation for the upcoming flight.

For starters, you can go on a tour to Baikonur (Kazakhstan ) and Star city (Russia ). Can just sit at the launch site during the launch, and in the cosmonaut training Center to work on complex simulators “Union”, simulating different phases of flight, to test their strength at elevated flight loads and to enjoy a lunch. There vosemnadtsatiletiya centrifuge, where tourists can ride 10 minutes. In General, enough entertainment, and all the fun depending on the intensity of the program — from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

If not enough thrills — fly the airplane at a high altitude (20 km) or by special trajectories that allow for a short time to experience weightlessness. The pleasure is worth a couple tens of thousands of dollars and is offered in several countries, including in Russia. Weightlessness also can feel “only” $ 7 thousand, in particular hydro in a spacesuit “Orlan” — that is where I train real astronauts.

In General, if you have a child hanging on the wall a portrait of Yuri Gagarin, or in a more conscious age you ten times reconsidered “the Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy”, then your dream of space travel became a real closer! Whether still will be…

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