Space tourism

Oddly enough, uzivanjem space now do not state more passionate about the military and scientific programs, and commercial enterprises. Transparent and their goal is to satisfy trivial human curiosity and to make money. In the near future flight into orbit would cost no more than a two-bedroom apartment. And perhaps less,

Commercial space flights to the ISS became a reality in the beginning of the new Millennium. Since 2001, the Federal space Agency jointly with the company Space Adventures has performed eight successful launches, sending into orbit seven people (American billionaire Charles Simonyi has been to space twice). Among already visited the ISS tourists the founder of the famous Cirque Du Soleil, guy laliberté, and in 2014 plans to go into space singer Sarah Brightman (she has become the second female space tourist, and was the first American of Iranian descent the Anusha Ansari). The pleasure of staying at the ISS for cheap, to put it mildly, not true — originally, it treated those wishing to see the space at $ 20 million but since 2007 this figure has grown and has reached $ 40-50 million Not so long ago became known the price of the spacewalk is $ 15 million but so far this “service” exists only in draft form, which will be implemented no earlier than 2015.

Dlitelnosti on the ISS (currently only possible for tourists to visit in orbit) ranges from 7 to 10 days. The launch is from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, and he is preceded by a long preparation in Star city. It includes both theoretical lessons and exercises on special training equipment like centrifuges. At the final stage — the preparation of the pre — mined interaction between the crew and studied the equipment with which the astronauts will face on Board.

Over the course of training, which allow only specialized medical check-up, future space tourists should get used to weightlessness and to experience loads that are waiting for them in orbit. You need to be prepared for what may occur two symptoms space flight, described by the tourist Anusha Ansari in his blog that it led directly from orbit. “First — the pain in the lower back. This is because in zero gravity the spine due to internal pressure elongates and you get higher. The second symptom — a rush of blood to the head. There’s no gravity to help the blood to run down the body, so the blood gathers in your head, and your face is red and swollen, and my head starts to hurt. About as you feel, spending a lot of time on his head”.

However, the feeling of weightlessness, the view of the beautiful blue pearls — home planet from space, and the opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream (about the cosmos, the overindulgence of food, floating in the air inside the spaceship) is not comparable to anything that man can experience on Earth. Even the sunrise on the ISS can be seen not one, but sixteen times!

Cheaper and faster

Commercial space flights to the International space station will soon cease to be the only form of travel in sky-high given. Space tourism is growing rapidly, and in the coming years will begin suborbital flights. From orbital, they differ mainly in duration and cost. Last flights to the line of Pockets (the space frontier, an imaginary line at a height of 100 km above sea level) no more than two and a half hours. The longest — and, of course, the most expensive — the flights offered by Virgin Galactic.

Spaceship SpaceShipTwo in a pair of aircraft WhiteKnightTwo responsecom will bring tourists (not more than 6 persons per flight) to a height of about 110 km, where they are in a period of six minutes will be able to feel weightless, and then travel back to Earth. Cost is a pleasure to be 200 thousand dollars. Tickets are on sale now, and reserving a place, you can not pay the entire cost of the flight, but only a part — the minimum Deposit is $ 20 thousand. Test flights have been completed, registration for the program is open, it remains only to wait for the first space tourists in orbit.

Commercial flights into space are also offered by other well-known companies: Space Adventures conducts test flights of their rockets and ustymovych modules Armadillo, seeking to limit the price tag $110 thousand for an hour’s space flight, the ship will be only two people. But in time travel from Boeing, which can begin as early as 2015, to participate will be able seven. A half-hour flight provided by the company XCOR Aerospace and is notable because it will be on the Lynx machine of its own design — this spaceship will pass all stages of flight from take-off to horizontal managed the planning and landing. A flight on the Lynx will cost $ 95 thousand, and seats in the cabin will last only for one tourist.


If space tourism becomes a very real field of tourism, it is logical to assume, that there should be and space of. And they do appear — are still far from our thinking, created a fantastic movie, but nevertheless, absolutely justifying the status of the hotels.

In addition to the ISS, which serves as the home of the current space tourists will soon be three habitats in space. In 2015, at a height of 460 km above the earth must open its doors — or rather, gateways and commercial space station Bigelow. She can accommodate nine visitors. Domestic Corporation “Energia” is not far behind, if it is assumed that the Russian commercial space station, similar to the ISS in 2015 will be able to take seven tourists in four rooms.

The most ambitious project of space hotel Galactic Suite Space Resort. Here and typical for a hotel name, and policiesthese terrestrial hotel size: hotel will consist of several pins (residential modules, docked to the Central unit), and each of these pins can accommodate four tourists and two crew members. Room with views of the home planet from the altitude of 450 km would cost $ 4.5 million And some of them are already booked, despite the fact that the hotel was not even built!

Some would call the folly of spending huge sums on a short journey into space, besides devoid of the usual tourist comfort; someone, in contrast, is willing to spend any money to pursue his dreams.

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