Russia has called the timing of a manned flight to the moon

In Russia decided on unmanned and manned flight of the astronauts on the moon. As stated by the head of Roscosmos Igor Komarov, “in 2028-2029 year we plan unmanned visit to the moon and landing a man — in 2029-2030 year”, reports TASS .

The official said that the Agency decided on the scheme of launching astronauts and payloads to the Earth, and also almost decided on the super-heavy launch vehicle manufacturer. “From super-heavy launch vehicle, we don’t refuse. We have identified the underlying potential contractor. We will continue to work in this direction”, — said Komarov.

In his opinion, Russia should occupy a leading position on “use of outer space, including missions to the moon, Mars and other planets of the Solar system”.

April 13, 2015 the head of Roscosmos met with Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the new missile will be developed on the basis of the Angara family, and to launch its plan in 2024-2025, at Vostochny. Flights to the satellite of the Earth will be dvuhpunktovoy the scheme with a transfer in earth orbit.

Earlier, the head of the Scientific and technical Council (STC) of Roscosmos Yuri Koptev in the air of radio station “Echo of Moscow” reported that “the landing on the moon is expected around 2027-2028 year” and estimated the cost of piletimaailma 500 billion rubles.

In mid-March 2015 STC recommended that the Russian space Agency to prepare preliminary design of the rocket super-heavy class for flights not only to the moon but also on Mars. According to experts of the Council, their recommendations with regard to the current economic situation, should be included in the draft Federal space program for 2016-2025.

On January 22 during a meeting of the Commission on the reform of the rocket and space industry in the country, was officially announced the creation of a new Corporation. Its membership should include Roscosmos and ursc (United rocket and space Corporation). The ultimate goal of the reform is well-developed space industry that manufactures not only missiles, but also space ships of a new class, as well as satellites with their own electronics.

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