Prospects of development of space tourism

On a tour of the Universe: prospects for space tourism.

Space tourism is a private flights into space, usually while in earth orbit for the purposes of entertainment or scientific knowledge. Space travel is an ultra – modern form of tourism, promising to absorb the near or distant future. Man dreamed of flying in space since ancient times, but only in the middle of the twentieth century these dreams come true. The era of scientific and technical exploration. The need for exploration of outer space convincingly proved the famous Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. noticing that although the Earth is the cradle of humanity, but one cannot eternally live in a cradle.

And here from the second half of the last century increasingly began to hear voices on the expediency of visiting the Space of ordinary people for whom such a flight is not a professional responsibility and a unique opportunity of knowledge of the world, the opportunity to see their home – the earth from the outside, to enter the time in the role of the real explorers of the Universe. And to realize this audacious dream, you must have: boundless enthusiasm, an impressive Bank balance, and good health. And in the early 21st century, ISS has been Dennis Tito, an American millionaire.To date, Space tourism was attended by about 10 people. Tourists for space flights are prepared in the famous Star city near Moscow. If we talk about the cost of such a flight for one person is a total of approximately $ 20 million. In the United States and Japan there are already firms selling such tours.

While space tourists can stay only in the ISS (international space station), although conducted technological development for the construction of space hotels. The distance from Earth to the ISS – the Next two 350-370 km of a celestial body, causing commercial interest, is the Moon. located at 384 thousand km from the Earth, and Mars. which is the minimum distance from the Ground is 55 million km Scientists believe that in about 15 years there will be the first of. And some time later, and the entire Solar system will be able to equip as a single tourist region, and interplanetary travel episodes from the beloved movie “guest from the future” will not cause enthusiastic surprise the audience and to seem something unattainable. Go on a vacation in outer space will become commonplace.

The main problem for space travelers, no doubt, is security. It should be remembered that outside of the spacecraft have to stay in a very rarefied atmosphere, huge temperature changes, and in the ship or the ISS will be a significant factor in an enclosed space, which has a negative effect on the human psyche. In addition, we should not forget about the impact on all living things the hard cosmic radiation, which in Space is much higher than on Earth. Therefore, all instruments and materials needed for the flight, have a significant safety margin, and candidates for space tourists are carefully selected physical and psychological parameters. Flight preparation lasts from six months to a year, and despite the huge number of people willing to overcome the pull of the home planet, until the end of the preparatory programmes reach only a few.

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