Our spaceships will fall into the catch?

In Roskosmos forced to significantly cut costs. Due to financial crisis not enough money to explore the moon and other space projects.

The Federal space Agency at the request of the Ministry of Finance will review the spending of the Federal space program until 2025. Autumn agreed version of the programme will be submitted to the government. Instead of the planned 2.4-trillion space Agency will reduce spending to 1.8 trillion, according to ” Kommersant-Money “.

While Roskosmos will be forced to abandon several projects. Including, and from the development of super-heavy rockets. Also previously considered the option of establishing its own space station to replace ISS in 2017-2019 years, but now the timing of this project postponed until 2023. Now Russia will focus on the solution of practical problems and will increase the satellite constellation. Explore the moon and deep space will be postponed indefinitely.

Academician of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics named after Tsiolkovsky Alexander Zheleznyakov told NSN . how serious the situation is.

“It would be surprising if in the current economic situation, with such problems that we have now, none of this would affect our space program.But to what extent – it all depends on the amount of the money the government can allocate to space activities. That the crisis affects the development of our cosmos, is of course,” he said.

“In the first place (cost – approx NSN), the focus needs to be on those programs that meet our national interests, ensure our national security. It applied to a constellation of satellites, meteorology, navigation. A study of distant planets and moons, however, as well manned, and program – there is concern that these projects may fall under the sequestering,” said academician in an interview with NSN .

“The level of costs that can be allocated to space activities determined by the Minister of Finance and the government. If the Cabinet considers that there are other projects that should be implemented first, and space activities remains in the background, then, of course, this impact will be very noticeable. Well, if some means can be found, then it will be a little easier,” he hoped Alexander Zheleznyakov.

However, not all large-scale space projects will be curtailed in the coming years. In January 2016 will launch the Russian-European mission to Mars. This was stated by the head of the state Corporation Roscosmos Igor Komarov at MAKS-2015.

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