It is possible to fly to the stars?

The development of science and technology resembles a wave. Yeah, no . Again Yes. and again there is no. But in the end still Yes!

Is it possible to fly to the stars?

At least to the nearest?

THERE IS NO IMPOSSIBLE . Never. Necessary billions and billions of tons of fuel. And just unimaginable the amount of fuel to deliver all of this to orbit. Impossible.

YES IT IS POSSIBLE . We need just to just 17 grams of antimatter.

THERE IS NO IMPOSSIBLE . 17 grams of antimatter are 170 trillion dollars!

YES IT IS POSSIBLE . The price of antimatter all the time falls. In 2006, according to NASA, 1 gram is worth $ 25 billion.

THERE IS NO IMPOSSIBLE . Even if you make 100 grams of antimatter and learn to store it for years and not 1000 seconds as it is now. Anyway. 17 grams of antimatter is about 22 atomic bomb which dropped on Hiroshima. No one will risk driving when you run. After all, a trap for antimatter what would be a reliable it has not been by itself in its destruction of the antimatter will interact with matter. And tragedy can not be avoided.

YES IT IS POSSIBLE. At NASA, right in the “crazy” the Institute, ordered the collector of antimatter. Because the antimatter is in the universe a Sun. And computational engines capable of reaching speeds in 70% of the speed of light. So paled the stars slowly transferred from basic science into the hands of applied Sciences.

I want to stress one unrecorded moment. Many say they like to fly? What should the fuel to a certain time to reach the stars? (for example, to α – Centauri, the distance is approximately 4,365 light years).

I will try to answer these questions from their point of view. How to fly? I can say, is the most suitable at the moment the star ship is our planet Earth. The Earth is all that is necessary for the person and the world around them to survive in space expeditions. What should the fuel to a certain time to reach the stars?

My answer would be. Fuel to the star ship will be solar and warm. The sun is the most powerful and long-lasting source of energy in a given time. While the Sun illuminates and provides warm rays of our Earth, our star ship continues to plow expanses of space headed by the Sun.

I made rough calculations of our space mission. How we fly our starship before the end of the solar fuel. About the Sun has left to burn is 4.57 billion years old. During this time we will fly on the Ground about 18 orbits around the center of our galaxy “milky Way”. The distance of the traversed path around the galactic center taking into account the lifetime of the Sun and the speed of rotation of the Sun around the galactic center, roughly 220 km/s. Our star path the expedition will be of 3.17·10^19 km = 3,3514·10^6 light years. During our space mission of the star ship (planet Earth) would reach close to us galaxy M31 (Andromeda nebula). Us and our Land every day pass 19 008 000 km away. We all their lives are traveling in the space on our ship called Earth…

Thank you.

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