Flights into space

Every year the space industry is developing more and more actively penetrating into all spheres of human activity. Satellite TV and mobile communications, navigation and weather forecasts, the creation of unique pharmaceutical products and materials with special properties — all created using different types of spacecraft.

Man, thanks to the space travel, learned a lot about their planet Earth, he had a great opportunity to see her from the side. Currently the mass of satellites moving around the Earth each in its own orbit, provide people an amazing opportunity. Satellites can capture high quality images to explore the planet, to transmit different radio signals, as well as provide quality work for many devices that operate on Earth.

A variety of rocket and space systems to allow you to perform many important tasks in the industry. With their help, perform the required operation: refueling and technical inspections, management modes of flight and experimentation.

The Earth’s orbit has allowed many of the new to learn more about natural satellite — the moon, and other planets of the Solar system. With the help of satellites and robots we collected various soil samples,and studied the characteristics of gas content of various space objects. Through such studies, scientists were able to propose and test hypotheses about the formation of the planets, Sun and other galaxies.

The huge scale of the Universe, unfortunately, does not allow a person to completely comprehend all the mysteries of the cosmos. Only to reach the edge of the Solar system spacecraft, it is necessary to spend several decades of continuous flight. To be able to quickly overcome such a huge distance, humanity requires new space that will allow you to reach the farthest limits of space.

Currently go into space and tourists who fly into orbit for the sake of entertainment. Any space travel and research are the fact, expensive, and space tourists can afford to pay for the flight to orbit a lot of money. These funds be a good source of funding for scientific research that will be necessary for all people.

Space travel need not just for the development of science and expansion of knowledge of the mysteries of the Universe. Such a long journey help to create necessary and important for all systems ensuring comfort of human life on Earth.

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