Excursions to the Star city

World-renowned cosmonaut training Center in Star city near Moscow, founded in 1960. Legends and equipped with unique equipment, Star city is of great interest to visitors.

Our company offers a variety of programs of tours and excursions in Star city will allow you to see how you train and prepare astronauts to visit the huge pool-the hydro. test your endurance in the human centrifuge training. try on a space suit and try a real “space” food.

In our directory of tours you can find an option excursion to Star city any type – from study tours to multi-day tour with the real elements of the programme of training astronauts.

Excursions to the Star city will be interesting and informative for both adults and children. We offer various options for exciting excursions to the Star city for students.

Flights in zero gravity

Wanted to feel lighter than cotton and is free to float in the air?

You have a chance to realize his dream and visit the artificial conditions of weightlessness, while flying on a special plane-laboratory IL-76 MDK — as do the astronauts, golowasch work in space.

The conditions of zero gravity, playing in flight on the aircraft-laboratory, the closest to the conditions of real space flight. In a state of artificial weightlessness your weight becomes zero — gravity disappears completely. The feeling of flying in zero gravity will leave in your memory unforgettable impressions.

The flights in MiG-29

To fly faster than sound — is possible for everyone!

The flight on modern supersonic fighter will provide a rare chance to see the Earth from a great height, feel the speed and dynamics of flight.

Our company offers you a tremendous opportunity to test yourself and get an unforgettable experience while flying a MiG-29 with execution of aerobatic maneuvers. Including programs flight is a unique journey into the stratosphere to a height of over 20 km!

Tours to the Baikonur cosmodrome

We offer you a unique opportunity to make a tour on the manned launches of spacecraft from the Baikonur cosmodrome.

This exclusive program will give you unforgettable impressions and emotions, because you will have the opportunity not only to visit the famous Baikonur cosmodrome. launch pad, integration and test building, museums and historical monuments, but also to observe all the stages of preparation for the start – moving the rocket and its installation on the launch pad, international press conference of main and backup crew, seeing the astronauts to the launch site, the official report of the crew, to feel the pre-start excitement.

In the end you will find an incredible sight – the launch of the spacecraft.

Corporate programs on the basis of Star city

Our company offers you custom solutions for corporate events. Together with the cosmonaut training Center in Star city and using its technical capabilities, we develop an exclusive program focused on the participants together, gain new knowledge and unforgettable impressions.

The infrastructure of the Cosmonaut Training Center allows to carry out on its territory for various business events: incentives, seminars, conferences, negotiations, exhibitions, etc.

Due to the nature of objects of aviation and space infrastructure to visit them requires a special admission procedure. Please pay attention to the deadlines and rules for submission of documents. required for obtaining all permits and approvals from responsible specialists.

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