Cosmonautics day

First flights in near-earth space showed a significant progress of mankind in scientific and technological development, as well as new challenges and ways for their further decisions. Each developed country tends to absorb the space, demonstrating a high level of technical achievements in solving research problems. People who have visited space are called astronauts. They have their professional holiday.

When indicated

Day of cosmonautics in the Russian Federation cope in the second month of spring is April 12. He is a working. Event established by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on 9 April 1962. Fixed and related to the memorable dates of the decree of the same public authority from October 01, 1980 № 3018-X “On holidays and memorial days”, as well as the Federal law dated 13 March 1995 No. 32-FZ “About days of military glory and memorable dates of Russia”.

Cosmonautics day in 2016 marks the 55th time.

Who celebrates

The event is celebrated in Russia not only the astronauts but the engineers and developers of manned equipment, support staff, researchers, teachers and students of Universities, relevant to the development of near-earth space. It also noted the military employed in the defense and intelligence space programs and staff related to aviation and rocket science.

The history and traditions of the holiday

Cosmonaut’s day is celebrated since 1962. The day celebrates this professional holiday, flew in space the first man – Yuri Gagarin. This event occurred on 12 April 1961, became an occasion for honoring the astronauts.

The first cosmonaut made an orbital flight around planet Earth. A year later he issued a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on 9 April 1962, which established the celebration of the cosmonautics Day on April 12. After 6 years the event has gained international status, was established on the Day of aviation and cosmonautics. He is also a cope on that day. April 8, 2011 at the 65th session of the General Assembly of the UN, the holiday has acquired another name – the international day of human flight into space.

Traditionally on this date for a festive table brings together representatives from all professions related to the industry, to raise a toast for success in the difficult and dangerous profession, sound toasts and congratulations of colleagues. The first persons of the Russian state pronounce the official speech.

The astronauts celebrated in many countries of the world, so on April 12 you can call of the world cosmonautics day.

About the profession

The profession of astronaut is connected with flights in near-earth space and exploitation of space technology. With such a specialist must meet strict requirements in terms of knowledge and skills. The flights allow only those who have good health and quickly makes the right decisions.

They are long and heavy workouts, numerous tests and exams on the knowledge of the material and technical base of the aircraft and the actions in extreme situations. Special attention is paid to the preparation of the organism to overloads during the flight and landing of the spacecraft. Often an important condition is the presence of a scientific degree, if the flight involves carrying out of scientific researches in conditions of near-earth space. Of space explorers has just over five hundred.

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