Congress to Nasa

At a special hearing, the special U.S. congressional Committee on science space and technology had requested from Nasa a much clearer work-plan for the project of a manned flight to Mars. Let me remind you that the U.S. Congress asked Nasa money, but now requests to clarify many of the previously submitted plan.

Moreover, some members of the Committee questioned the feasibility of the flight plan to Mars. Doubting members of the Committee pointed to the high cost of such a project that exceeds the budget allocated to the Agency, as well as the need for technical progress – with current technology, this plan is not feasible. There is even the likelihood that Nasa will once again consider to pay more attention to the moon, not Mars.

Now Nasa is building the most powerful rocket Space Launch System (SLS) that will carry the Orion capsule, which, presumably, will be the members of the expedition to Mars. But for this expedition required much more than the rocket and capsule. Thus, the required habitable modules, landing, launch system capsules return flight to earth. So far, none of the plans Nasa is not, and to work on zostaniemy system of human life support on Mars now.

According to the plan provided by the Agency, also requires clarification. The first test of SLS and Orion is planned for 2018. But the plan has not only the date, without specifying intermediate points. Manned flight on SLS with Orion is planned for 2023, although right now Nasa is trying to change the date for 2021. But there are a lot of “White Spots”. The booster hazy future. In addition to its use for the implementation of the mission to capture an asteroid more plans for its use – like that all the rest of the rocket will be idle. Orders for the SLS launches by international companies or States and no. The creation of the rocket and its operation is very expensive, so in Congress would like to see a clearer plan to use the SLS.

Members of the Committee stated that the planned mission to capture the asteroid is too complex, the technology demonstration can be done without it. “It’s a mission without a purpose, without the date of launch, without clear objectives for the exploration of the asteroid. It’s a waste of time,” said Republican Lamar Smith (Lamar Smith.

According to the representatives of the Committee, to reach Mars, Nasa will need about 500 billion US dollars. The money required to create new technologies, development of new engineering solutions to ensure safe flight team. Many fears about radiation exposure that can get astronauts on the way to the red planet. Solutions, is able to eliminate this threat, Nasa yet.

The Committee asked the Agency to develop a much clearer plan, which will be given considerable attention. Requires a clear mission objective, or the project itself can simply be undone.

Now the Committee is increasingly starting to sound like the voices of advocates of the return to the moon, who believe that Mars is almost unreal (yet) purpose. While on the moon, as the proponents of the flight to the natural satellite of the earth, you need to have to begin to learn to extract water to ensure this resource for future colonists. “The moon is Closer, Easier to Reach, it is Interesting, it Can Benefit”, – the statement says floor spudis (Paul Spudis), one of the members of the Committee.

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