As we began to sell the dream

Once manned flight into space, no one could even imagine. World for mankind was limited to the planet Earth, but people constantly stared at the sky and tried to find answers about how our world and what is human in him. And let with each new step-opening, we received more questions than answers, but the thirst for knowledge never left us.

The first man in space was Yuri Gagarin. His famous “Go!” the whole world knows. But it became possible only thanks to the joint efforts of residents of large countries, countries that have chosen the path of communism. The reader may object to me putting in on the space race, the fact that the US (a capitalist country) quite a bit late on the moon and that they were the first.

So be it. But in the USA before it was not conducted military operations, from which a significant portion of the country lay in ruins. Therefore, you shouldn’t have neither the time nor the funds to restore infrastructure. And what about the irreparable loss of millions of lives and unborn children. The consequences are simply unimaginable number. However, the Soviet people were able not only to overcome all the difficulties in rebuilding the country, but also to win the space race. This is the greatest event in the history of mankind was made possible not only because of the work, funds or tenacity, these resources have capitalist countries. It became possible because of the belief that Bylaw people, the great goal for which there are no barriers in the universe.

Now someone will groan and leave the discussion. But excuse me, when a man dreams about something, he reflects it in his life, that it surrounds. In architecture. in painting. in the movies, etc. After all, it cannot be called an accident, it’s a whole layer of culture that cannot be ignored.

Then you need to recognize that the dream really existed. And here again the objection. People dreamed of space flight long before and there were lots of them all over the earth. Can’t disagree with that, but never before has this dream did not become a common dream for the residents of the vast country. Never happened, so people stopped thinking of the benefits for yourself and think about the highest good, the good of all mankind. A single impulse, a single desire allowed to make an unprecedented leap for mankind and bring people closer to the stars.

But as time passed, the Soviet Union collapsed and people forgot about his dream. Instead, all attended to apartments, cars, clothing, and began to look only at his feet or in the screen of their gadgets. The reasons for this turn was a lot, but we are not talking about it. What space, what place in human life it is today?

We don’t have to fly there, have not ceased to conduct research. We even are building a new spaceport, but he needed not to fly in twice more, but only because the relations between elements of a once great country now does not add up. The professionalism of our astronauts is not in doubt, we respect their hard work and are always excited successful starts and landings. But the children no longer want to be astronauts, they want to be Directors and businessmen, and at once. Human labor is devalued in General, successful is the one who by accident gets it all at once, and a workman turns to the dregs of society who doesn’t deserve respect. Instead dream new worlds have any dreams about yachts and money.

There is in this issue and one very unpleasant moment. And this moment — Commerce, space tourism. We began to sell the dream of millions to a limited circle of people who have large sums of money for the flight.

“Pioneers of the commercial space were toyohiro Akiyama from Japan and Helen Sharman from great Britain. They flew in 1990 and 1991 on the Mir station through the television stations TBS and “Juno”. The only station that can fly, is ISS. The flights are operated by domestic spacecraft “Soyuz” in the Russian part of the ISS. The organization travels to the ISS cooperates “Roscosmos” and Space Adventures. This company has realized the dream of flight in earth’s orbit eight people, while one of the tourists – Charles Simonyi has been to space twice.”

The dream was sold. Space not for all people but only for those who are well paid for their work. Of course not every rich man his health allows him to fly into space, but it does not change the fact, you get the idea. If you have money, you can afford a good education, travel, flights into space, but if not, then stay in your hovel, chew food basket and shut up. It looks that way. We’re back to that, against which fought by our ancestors. The Communist idea gave people hope for a brighter future, new horizons and the exploration of space, and we instead of storing it in my heart and mind to comprehend, traded it for the endless consumption that turns us into animals.

The rejection of the idea, from the highest sense and sell dreams never disappear, for this you have to answer one way or another. We are deceived yourself, do not understand what you did. And if we do not realize it now and we will do our best to overcome this stench in our lives and our souls, we’ll never have the right to dream!

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